General admission: €7.00 
Children's cartoons: €6.00 (General admission for all)

victoria cinemas party


Now you can celebrate your birthday or name day, a party at Cine Minoa!

You just invite your friends and classmates, choose your favorite movie and we take care of all the rest. Fresh popcorn, nachos, comfortable seats, music and happy birthday!!!
For more information contact 2843025150 or send an email to!


At Cine Minoa we provide the possibility in many ways to ensure the effectiveness of any advertising / promotional activity of your business.
These ways are:

  • Roll up Banners
  • Investments of walls / floors / glass surfaces
  • Signage and thematic lining of the halls
  • Marking on staff uniforms
  • Advertising print on regular and electronic tickets




Ability to implement promotional actions:

  • Subdistribution by publishers for a specific film or with each ticket
  • Sampling in cinema foyers
  • Product placement
  • Promo events

At Victoria Cinemas you can strengthen your communication in many ways:

  • Ability to display print or TV advertising message on more than 180 screens.
  • Share the cinematic experience and take advantage of the power of the big screen.
  • Play an audio message in theaters before every movie screening. The site of Victoria Cinemas, one of the most visited among cinema sites.



Major Motion Picture Sponsor

Be part of the next blockbuster movie with sponsorship and product placement opportunities.